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Commercial Advertising photography

I offer high end advertising and promotional photography for products, fashion, services and concepts.

I regularly photogtaph commercial photography for advertising in magazines, catalogues, websites, ecommerce, social media promotions and as large scale advertising hoardings, posters and flyers. I've shot lots of images for product packaging and had my photos appear on the sides of London buses and taxis and had my photos used on television, in commercials and even used as revolving holograms.

A photoshoot can take a number of forms, from setting up and shooting a stunning individual image, fully airbrushed, for use in as a magazine advertisement or advertising poster or it can be a whole collection of products, garments or accessories for creating a printed catalogue or ecommerce website or for use on other sites such as Amazon, ASOS or Etsy.

Images can be created for editorial and promotional purposes, used in the press or social media.

I can create, setup and shoot the image to make your advert or other images stand out and be noticed and noticed in the way that you want your products or service to feel and to target the correct audience.

I offer a full airbrushing / image manipulation service that has almost no limits, as well as being able to supply images in any format and undertaking prepress work. I can also provide an all round package with design and create overlays and graphics.

From an initial basic concept I can then supply various ideas and advise on different ways to shoot. I can supply models, makeup artists, hair stylists, props and everything else that is needed.