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Frequent Asked Questions - Answers

Pricing and services

Q. Can I see prices? or get a quote?

At the moment due to this current economic climate I am individually tailoring prices for every customer, thereby ensuring that I can give you the best price possible. Please contact me with details and I'll then be able to issue you a quote.

Q. How do I book you for work?

Very simple! The first thing to do is contact me and see if I am available and if I cover your location.

Q. Where would a shoot take place?

I can shoot in many different locations dependant upon your requirements. I have the use of a number of Hertfordshire and London studios, or I also can recommend or scout specific locations should you have specialist requirements for backdrops and props. I am able to setup in any location as I have an extensive portable studio lighting setup.
I can even setup in your own location, home, office or where ever else you like. Shooting outdoors is of course also an option, subject to the weather. As always I am very flexible and if required can advise on a location that would give the best results. As a Hertfordshire I know many local locations. If you are after locations I have a list of a number of handpicked ones in and around Hertfordshire, that I know will give us beautiful backdrops.

Q. Can you advise me how long a shoot would take?

Of course. Dependant upon what the shoot is I may be able to give you a few different options and choices. i.e. a quicker and cheaper option or a higher quality, but lengthier option.

Usually is it best, better quality and cheaper to shoot everything right in the first place, but with some specific setups it may be easier and cheaper to create elements of the photographs afterwards in photoshop.

As well as timings for the shoot I'll be able to advise you of projected timescales for any required editing and a total turn around time.

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Image editing and airbrushing

Q. I much prefer Black & White. Is that a service you offer?

Yes of course. You can have photographs in colour, black and white, sepia or selective colouring. On top of these standard services I also offer various other tints, tone maps and specialist services.

Q. Can you retouch or airbrush images?

Absolutely. I can offer airbrushing or image manipulation from simple touch ups such as spot removal, removal of objects from the background to full on digital art.

I have created images edited to a very fine degree for applications such as magazine front covers and also for large scale posters and adverts.

Q. Do you offer full on image manipulation and image editing?

Yes. There really is no limit asides from budget and time. I can create beautiful, exciting and thought provoking images.

Q. Do you run a colour calibrated system?

Totally. Digital images and prints are supplied fully colour calibrated. I can work to a very high degree, including pantone matching to ensure your products are exactly the colour they are supposed to be. I work in conjunction with various printers and other services who being professional also run fully colour calibrated systems

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Prints, albums and other options

Q. What kinds of printing do you offer?

I offer numerous high quality choices. With photographic prints I only supply proper chemical professional lab prints. But I also offer a wide range of prints on canvas, acrylic, and art papers as well as many specialist options.
Also available is onsite high end dye sub printing at events.

Q. What kinds of albums do you supply?

I supply a number of handpicked high quality traditional albums, coffee table (storybook) albums, flush mount albums, folio and card paged albums. In addition to these I also supply a selection of custom handmade albums, which unlike many others truly are individually custom handmade to your specification. Individually made by a traditional bookbinder not an automated system.

Q. Do you supply canvas prints?

Yes. As with my other products I've tested and chosen to use suppliers whom I know will supply both me and you a high quality product, with quality printing on a quality canvas mounted on durable frames.
On special request I can also supply unmounted canvas prints and hardboard mounted prints.

Q. Do you offer more specialist kinds of printing?

Absolutely. I can offer images printed on numerous different materials and also as corporate options on tee-shirt, mugs and large scale prints. I can also print keyrings and instantly on site at events

Q. Can I have the images on CD / DVD / Disc?

You may. Images can be supplied full resolution and are always supplied post processed, balanced and colour calibrated and supplied with a licence for your usage.
On request I can provide images in non-standard formats and colour spaces.

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Portfolio and work

Q. Can I see examples of your work?

Of course. Just click on the portfolios link. There you'll be able to see examples of my fashion, weddings, portraiture, reportage, events, advertising, music, architectural and travel photography.

Q. Do you have more wedding images?

Yes, there is my wedding blog here and you can also visit my Facebook wedding page - Hertfordshire Wedding photographer.

Q. Can your work be seen anywhere else?

My work can often be seen gracing various magazines, websites on adverts and even sometimes on the TV and along the side of London buses and taxis, as well as many other places. When I get time you can sometimes see my updates on my twitter page.

Q. What kinds of work do you undertake?

I am available for  available for fashion, weddings, portraiture, reportage, events, advertising, music, architectural and travel photography.

Q. Can you supply ideas?

Certainly. If you have a concept for that you'd like for a shoot I can work through that with you and give you plenty of different ideas, dependant upon how you want the final images to look.

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Q. What kinds of additional services do you offer?

I offer most post and pre-press services as well as extensive image editing. Layouts, logos, montages, cropping, web sized images and specific file formats and colour spaces are amongst a number of the many skills I offer to compliment my photography skills.
I'm also able to brief you all aspects of web design, and can offer bespoke services if required.

Q. What options do I have for my wedding photography?

The choices for wedding photography are very extensive. Unlike some photographers I don't force fixed packages onto couples, instead I tailor everything to how you want your day to be.

Prices are generally based simply on how long you want me there for on the day and by weather you want prints / books / albums or just the images on disc.

Images are generally viewed on an online gallery, but printed or printable contact sheets can also be supplied as well.

Q. What kinds of event photography and services do you offer?

With event photography there are many choices. I can shoot either as a roving or fixed point photographer, or I can setup a portable studio, including backgrounds and lighting.
I cam also offer instant view and high quality on printing using dye-sub printers. I can also theme or tailor setups to your event.

Images are available on disc, as individual sales on the night, or more cheaply as prepaid sales, or even as unlimited prints on the night, often called a photobooth for a fixed price you can have as many photos, including multiple prints as can be printed within the booked timeframe.

If required, event photography can also be viewed and ordered from an online gallery afterwards.

Q. What kinds of setups do you offer for advertising and commercial work?

As with many of my other services the choices are extensive, and I am totally able to tailor everything to your requirements. I can shoot in the studio, on site, outside or other locations and also can offer prop and set construction, and extensive image manipulation.

I can also shoot small products here at my studio setup in Hertfordshire.

Q. How accurately can you take multiple runs of product photography?

Very accurately. Runs of even hundreds of images can be taken so that every image is lined up perfectly and exactly the same as all the others, with perfect angles, colours and lighting, giving a perfect and professional uniform look that is so important in catalogues, whether web based or print.

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Q. Are you insured?

Yes. I am fully insured, holding public liability and professional indemnity.

Q. Are you CRB checked?

Yes. I am CRB checked to enhanced level.

Q. Do you have backup equipment?

Absolutely. I have multiple backup equipment and backup equipment for my backup equipment!

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Q. Where have you been published?

I am regularly published in various magazines, from Hertfordshire Life to Vogue. Most of the daily newspapers as well as my images appearing on the internet, and as advertising photography. My work has appeared as large scale hoardings posters, on the side of London buses and taxis and even as 5' tall revolving holograms!

Q. What kind of clients have you worked for?

Allsorts, part of being a freelance photographer means that I work with many different kinds of clients, individuals, professional companies and government

Q. Where else can I see your work?

My work can be seen gracing various magazines, newspapers and on adverts in magazines, billboards and even on the sides of buses as well as all over the internet!

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Q. Where are you based?

I am a Hertfordshire photographer,  based in Potten End, Hertfordshire, UK. This is a great location, being in between Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead and in close proximity to St Albans, Watford and Aylesbury. I'm also based very nice and close to both the M25 and M1 and can easily travel to Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Middlesex, Surrey, London, Oxfordshire and up to Northamptonshire and Birmingham.

Q. What kind of equipment do you have?

I run all top end professional equipment from the camera and lenses, to my flash system and studio flashes, along with all the little things I may need such as filters, gels and stands. I generally use very high end digital cameras, but can still use film on request.

Q. Do you have a studio?

I don't personally, at least not for public use, but I do have the use of several studios and also have a full portable studio setup, enabling me to setup wherever is needed.

Q. Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes. I run the Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer page.

Q. Can I follow you on Twitter?

Of course you can. You can find me on twitter here.

Q. Are you on Linkedin?

Indeed. My Linkedin page can be found here.

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