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Fashion Photography

I am a Professional fashion / catwalk / advertising photographer based in Hertfordshire I cover a large number of areas of fashion from commercial to artistic, shooting for a number of magazines and I am regularly published. This work is often for commercial promotion or lookbooks as well as editorial. A lot of the time I am asked to cover catwalk shows or to photograph guest celebrities.

I photograph many collections regularly for designers, retailers and brands, whether for printed or web based ecommerce catalogues, along with creating commercial adverts.

I can shoot in either a studio, or setup on location, outdoors, or at another venue. I have a number of locations on my lists that are available to use.

I can translate your fashion requirements into stunning images, to target the correct audience, weather your garments are aimed at the upper class country socialite set or the urban street punk we can generate memorable images.

I've worked with the full range of fashion items, dress, tops, jeans, lingerie, knitwear and streetwear through to cocktail and wedding dresses. I've also worked with accessories designers of jewellery, belts, bags and shoes.

I also have contacts with a large number of models in all sizes, ages and creeds, including those suitable for the catwalk. Similarly I am also in contact with a number of Make-up artists, stylists and promoters and commercial advertisers. If you are looking for a team, I am happy to direct you towards all these people, or to put things together for you.