Professional portfolio photographer based in Hertfordshire


I produce portfolios for models, actresses, actors , singers and bands.

Portfolios are tailored to your requirements, but generally during a shoot we'd fit in a number of different clothing / style  /props / lighting and background changes etc. to give your portfolio as much variety as possible. Of course on a similar note we'd be getting in lots of different poses from tight heads to full length body, by varying the  props, such as seating we can then introduce even more possibilities for variety.

Professional portfolios photographer
David Beckham (lookalike)

Specific styles can be catered for for the requirements of specific agencies or publishers. Some agencies for example require a certain type of head shot, or natural images with out make-up for example. Other agencies may prefer a more theatrical style. I've also shot more specialist setups such as bridal and wedding photography.

Model photography, Watford

Images can either be supplied as prints or on CD(s). Images can be supplied in web friendly formats.

I've worked with a large number of models on this basis, and have very reasonable rates. I'm also aware that almost all the models I have worked with have subsequently been accepted by good models agencies afterwards on the strength of my photos.

Professional photographer Maldon, Essex

Another bonus with working with me, is that I always tip a nod to a few agencies I know and let them know that a new model is on the scene. I usually send over a couple of the photographs and hopefully they'll be interested in taking you on. I've yet to photograph a model who has not been taken on by any agencies once they see my photographs though.

 I can also supply make-up artists and stylists if required.


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