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Legal Information, Terms & Conditions

1. Copyright
2. Deposits, initial fees, payments, cancellations and misc
3. Disclaimers


1. Copyright.

1a. website

The entire contents of the site, including, but not limited to all images, photographs, graphics, text and illustrations (and including this page) remain the copyright of Paul Riddell. Reproduction of any section of this website in part or in its entirety in any form, whether electronically or otherwise is not permitted without the prior written permission of Paul Riddell. This page is included without exception and may not be reproduced, modified or used as a template without the express written permission of Paul Riddell.

1b. Other websites

For promotional purposes the photographer, Paul Riddell, has also uploaded a number of his photographs to other hosting websites. Under no circumstances does this alter the copyright of the photographs which remains the ownership of Paul Riddell. They may not be reproduced or altered in any manner, either entirely or partly, whether electronically or otherwise without the prior written permission of Paul Riddell.

Under some circumstances images taken by Paul Riddell will be, with prior agreed permissions, be sold or distributed by an authorised third party. This does not alter copyright which still remains with Paul Riddell, unless otherwise agreed.

1c. Other reproduction

Unless prior written agreements are made the client will allow Paul Riddell to use any and all images taken for his own promotional purposes including, but not limited to portfolios, promotion, advertising and brochures.

1d. Supplied photographs

All photographs taken by Paul Riddell remain the property of Paul Riddell, unless copyright is transferred by written agreement and the fee to purchase the copyright has been settled fully. Images taken and supplied by Paul Riddell will be supplied with a usage rights agreement. The usage rights in these agreements must be adhered to. They do not override the copyright which will remain solely and wholly with Paul Riddell. Usage rights differ dependent upon application and agreed use. If no specifics are agreed upon beforehand then standard usage rights will be issued to match the application.

1e. Published photographs

Photographs taken by Paul Riddell and published in any format, printed or electronic, or in any other form now known or later developed, remain the copyright of Paul Riddell, unless other written agreements have been made. They may not be reproduced, copied or republished in any form without the prior written permission of Paul Riddell unless consent is given in exchange for an agreed fee. In the event of an agreed fee not being settled by the agreed payment period, copyright will have said to have been breached.

2. Deposits, initial fees, payments, cancellations and misc

2a. Initial fees & deposits

For events all outstanding balances for initial fees or fees for pre-booked products must be settled 1 weeks before the event, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

If the initial fee is not settled one week before the event date, the photographer cannot guarantee his attendance, and any paid fees will not be refundable.

Prepaid event photography vouchers maybe be purchased at any time up until 7 days before the event.

If a special offer voucher is used, then only one voucher may be used at any one time.

2b. Cancellations

For all cancellations the client must give the photographer at least 24 hours notice, and the customer must ensure a reply is received from the photographer acknowledging the cancellation.

It is entirely the clients responsibility to ensure that the photographer has received and understood the notification to cancel.

If the above is not adhered to, and no acknowledgement from the photographer is received. Fees will still be payable.

Deposits are not refundable.

If third parties such as models, makeup artists, stylists, set designers etc. have been booked fees to them will still be payable. Any deposits are not refundable.

If the customer chooses to cancel an event, then the initial fee is not refundable, unless the following exceptions apply.

If between the date of cancellation and the booked date another event of the same or a higher booking fee is made by another customer on the same booked date.

If a smaller event is subsequently booked for the original date, then a part fee is refundable to the value of the newly booked event.

2c. Date changes

If a customer wishes to change the date of an event such as a wedding this will only be done without charge if the request is made in advance of 6 months prior to the event and the newly requested date and time is available.

If the newly requested date or time is not available, then the change cannot be made, and the initial fee is not refundable.

If the change request is made in advance of 3 months prior of the event and the newly requested date is available, then the change will be made subject to a 30% fee.

If the change request is made with less than 3 months time remaining to the event date and the newly requested date is available then the change will be made subject to a 50% fee.

These fees may be wavered if the newly requested date is less popularly requested date. i.e. moving a Saturday in August wedding to a Tuesday in October.

2d. Other changes

In the event of any changes to the original agreed schedule, these must be submitted to the photographer in writing, and receipt must be confirmed by the photographer.

With very last minute alterations where there is no time to supply and receive a written confirmation to the photographer and assuming that the photographer is in agreement to action the changes it is up to the customer to verbally remind the photographer when on location of the alterations.

For changes to originally agreed styles or specific images in commercial, fashion, events or architectural shoots, it is highly recommended that the photographer receives written confirmation of the requests. If this is not possible due to time constraints then then it is the clients responsibility to verbally inform the photographer on location. 

If changes must be made very last minute due to circumstances beyond the photographers control such as but not limited to unforeseen issues with a location, props, or clothing or with third parties such as models, makeup artists, stylists etc. Then the photographer will try his best to adhere as much as possible to the original brief but cannot be held responsible due to issues beyond his control.

2e. Requirement of additional time when at a shoot or event

In the occurrence of situations not within the photographers control where the proposed shoot will overrun the allotted time then the photographer will endeavour to stay the extra time to complete the shoot, if requested, though this cannot always be guaranteed.

Additional time will be charged on a pro rata rate and agreed with beforehand.

2f. On speculation events

With any event where revenue is to be generated partly or solely through sales of prints or other products, either on the night or later via the photographybyriddell website or other medium it is understood that any event undertaken by Photography by Riddell on an 'on spec' basis will have been done so on a carefully calculated risk basis and therefore the following rules must be adhered to.

i] A retainer may be requested. This is simply to cover initial costs. In the event of the sales matching or exceeding the agreed retainer rate, then the retainer will be returned. In the event of sales reaching only a portion of the retainer then that portion will be returned only. If no sales are made at all then the retainer will be kept by the photographer.

ii] With all 'on spec' events the location of the photo studio setup will be discussed beforehand along with space and electrical sockets requirements. If on the night these cannot be provided and / or the location as agreed cannot be used to the point where sales are affected then the client will be charged a minimum fee of 250.00 to cover initial outlay.

iii] With all 'on spec' sales on the night event, Photography by Riddell must be granted exclusivity as the only photographer present. In the event that this is not the case to the point sales are affected then the client will be charged a minimum fee of 250.00 to cover initial outlay.

iv] At all 'on spec' events no other person will be be permitted to take photographs against the photographers background or other setup. This includes taking photos with mobile phones. Anyone seen taking such photos will be asked to desist.

2g. Invoices

Unless by prior agreement, all invoices are to be settled within 30 days of issue.
Initial or package fees for weddings must be settled 30 days before the date of the wedding.

2h. Photo usage

All agreed photo usage rights issued to a customer or third party are instantly and without question revoked in the event of non-payment or breach of the agreed rights.

3. Disclaimers

3a. The weather

If a booked for a shoot that there is an intention to shoot solely or partly outside, the photographer can in no way be held responsible for the weather conditions. If conditions do not allow for an outside shoot, other alternatives such as shooting inside will be offered. In the event of the weather stopping a shoot and the customer is insistent upon an outdoor shoot attempts to reschedule will be made, but cannot be guaranteed. In the event of adverse weather stopping a shoot, fees will still be payable to the photographer. In the event of a reschedule, additional fees will be payable.

Light windy conditions may not stop a shoot, but the overall appearance of the images in regards to such aspects such as coiffure may be compromised. This cannot be considered the photographers fault.

3b. Other third parties

If booked for a shoot in which other third parties are booked by the client such as, but not limited to models, make-up artists, hair stylists, clothing stylists, studios or any other third party and the third parties do not show, with or without warning, or if a booked location such as studio or other venue cancelling, with or without warning, then the photographer cannot be held responsible. This applies in all circumstance weather the third party is booked direct by the client, through the photographer or through another third party such as a studio.

In the event that associated third party performs badly or has another issues that cause problems then the photographer cannot be held responsible.

If a model / actor / actress or similar shows on the day of the shoot with a completely different look than to that which was shown in their portfolio, then this shall be deemed misrepresentation on the part of the model / actor / actress etc. The photographer cannot be held responsible.

In any of the above events occurring fees may still be payable to the photographer.

3c. Coffee table / story book albums

The coffee table (story book) albums I supply are individually handmade, unique books. It is impossible to modify these books afterwards, therefore prior to assembly customers will be sent electronic copies of the pages and covers for inspection, verification and proofing. It is the customers responsibility to approve the photographs, artwork, text and any other elements which go into the manufacture of these books, and inform Paul Riddell of any changes that are required before printing. Paul Riddell, is not to be held responsible for any mistakes or errors which may be spotted after assembly.

3d. Images supplied on CD / DVD / Electronically

Unless specific instructions have been given and agreed to all images supplied electronically will be supplied post processed and colour calibrated.

Unless otherwise agreed post processing will be performed to the photographers taste / style.

Unless otherwise agreed images will be provided as uncompressed high resolution .jpgs, in colour and in most cases uncropped, unless cropping is judged necessary by the photographer.

3e. Colour calibration

Except in the instance of prior agreement, images supplied electronically will be supplied colour calibrated. Any disagreements which may arise regarding colour balance / brightness / hue or gamut cannot be entered into as a discussion unless the viewing party is also viewing the images on a colour calibrated device.

Similarly no discussions will be entered into if disagreements are seen regarding colour balance / brightness / hue or gamut when printing unless the printer, along with the entire printing system and process is also colour calibrated and capable of supporting the full gamut. Additionally it is assumed that on a colour calibrated printing system individual paper stock will be individually calibrated.

3f. Images supplied as 'cut outs'

With any images commercial or otherwise supplied on request as 'cut outs' in .psd, .png or any similar format supporting transparency, where the image(s) are supplied as 'cut outs' with a transparent layer, the client will acknowledge that though the requested image has been 'cut out' to the best of the ability of the photographer. In order to achieve a perfect final image it may be necessary to perform some minor blending, unless the client has specifically given details and supplied a copy of the background to be used. As the photographer, I am always happy to perform the final stage of blending, which will be included in the initial quotation.

3g. Post production and image editing

Unless specifically discussed and instructed differently all images from a photoshoot are provided sorted, colour calibrated and post processed. Image editing and manipulation is usually not included in any quotes and will be charged additionally on a pro rata basis.

3h. Artistic licence

Unless very specific prior instructions have been issued, it is assumed that the final artistic licence in regards to angles, locations, poses, lighting conditions and subjects etc. will be down to the photographer though every effort is made to comply with the clients initial instructions.

3i. Products with damage

If products or props are supplied by or hired by the client for use in commercial, advertising or product photography and supplied damaged or marred in anyway, including dents, scuffs, chips and these marks cannot be hidden and therefore are visible in the photographs the photographer cannot be held responsible. Images can be edited to digitally remove the damage but editing time will be charged additionally on a pro rata basis.

3j. Unsuitable sites or location

If booked for a photo shoot on site or location where the client has booked or advised a location and that location is deemed by the photographer not to be suitable then this cannot be considered the fault of the photographer. The photographer will endeavour to do his best under the circumstances and to take the best photos he can. This may mean a reduction in speed, quality or both or may mean that high quality images can be obtained only with additional editing work that would be charged on a pro rata basis. Examples of unsuitable locations may be too small, no suitable power, large windows or other apertures allowing the ingress of natural light when its not wanted. Or when photographing reflective products a busy room that simply reflects everything back a the products.

3k. Photographic restrictions

Sometimes due to due no fault of the photographer restrictions may be imposed on him by officials in a position of authority. The photographer must adhere to these rules and if necessary will endeavour to find the best alternative or compromise working within those rules.

3l. Requested images

The photographer will endeavour to photograph all requested people or scenarios, but ultimately cannot be held responsible if an image is not captured due to circumstances beyond his control.

3m. Force Majeure 'Acts of god'

In the unlikely event of an 'act of god' preventing the photographer attending a shoot, event or wedding etc., such as illness, injury, victim of crime etc. the photographer will endeavour to locate another photographer of equal calibre to attend the event. In the event that no photographer is able to attend and the shoot cannot be rescheduled then the initial fees and those for any prepaid merchandise will be refunded.

In the very unlikely event of a total photographic loss due to occurrences such as theft of equipment and / or memory cards or due to a major event such as a fire during the event or afterwards during transport or storage etc. then the initial fees and those of any prepaid merchandise will be refunded back to the customer.


4a. GDPR principles

Photography by Riddell works under the following GDPR principles
The process of all personal data fairly and lawfully.
Only processing personal data for specified and lawful purposes.
Endeavoring to hold relevant and accurate personal data, and where practical, keeping it up to date.
Not retaining personal data for longer than is necessary.
Keeping personal data secure.
To the best of intentions ensuring that personal data is not transferred to countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) without adequate protection.

Paul Riddell is a commercial photographer based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.
Copies of my CRB/DBS check to enhanced level and my commercial insurance are available on request.