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  1. Westlife

  2. Sax players often make great photos

  3. So much stage presence!

  4. Noel Gallagherl

  5. Amy Winehouse

  6. Great energy in this shot

  7. Live band photography in London

  8. Getting the angles and timing right with stage lighting

  9. Just funky!

  10. Promotional band photography shot in a lovely location

  11. I'm happy to shoot smaller local bands as well

  12. Red hot Chilli Peppers

  13. Two members of the up and coming Milqud

  14. X Factors Miss Frank

  15. We wanted a different angle with this shot

  16. Lead singer of Cherry Ghost

  17. I can shoot DJs as well as bands

  18. I shot (and edited) this for the CD cover for a girl band. Note the different image in the mirror