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  1. How can you not like a photo of smiling grannies?

  2. I wonder what their secret is?

  3. This is what is meant by reportage freezing a moment in time

  4. A happy face like that makes me and my camera happy too

  5. A very happy winner!

  6. Just been swimming

  7. Shot at the now defunct Great Leighs Racecourse

  8. Journalistic Reportage Photography

  9. Artist David Garibaldi in action. You need to check this guy out on YouTube

  10. When I see something fun and unusual, I just have to hit the shutter button

  11. This is was shot as promotional photography for a school

  12. Candid shot at an Indian wedding

  13. I often shoot promotional photography for nightclubs

  14. I shoot a lot of reportage commercial at corporate events

  15. The character in that face and the smile, I just had to shoot

  16. Sometimes it the amusing things I see that need photographing

  17. Its just waiting for the right split second to take the photo that counts

  18. Live reportage photography at a West End play

  19. Designer Kelly Hoppen at a book signing. Reportage takes on all forms

  20. A proud moment for this gentleman

  21. Reportage photography at a rather crazy fashion show

  22. Essex County sportsman on top of a penny fathering

  23. The result of someones joke frozen in time by my camera

  24. Promotional advertising shot at a London nightclub