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  1. One of my award winning shots of lightening striking the ground

  2. Sunny Mountain range

  3. Great colour in this sunset. Always looks better when shot as is, not heavily image edited.

  4. I had to get pretty high up the other mountain to take this shot of the peaks

  5. I had to stand in the river, along with my tripod to get this shot

  6. Bluebells in the spring

  7. Classic Essex countryside

  8. The cross on top of Vodno, Skopje Macedonia

  9. A landscape or architecture shot? Do we need to pigeonhole?

  10. Commisioned image for Hertfordshire Tourism

  11. Just a little platform in the lake!

  12. Swiss Alps in the background

  13. This shot of a Hertfordshire town was commisioned for a magazine

  14. Lovely wooden house in Austria

  15. Water always adds so much more interest to a travel image

  16. Sometimes its the sky which makes me want to take the photograph

  17. St Albans Catherdral, this was shot for a publishing house

  18. Monastery in Macedonia

  19. The Roman amphitheatre at Ohrid

  20. Just some sunken old boats. Another fun image

  21. This was shot as a proper compositional panorama.

  22. Another great old Balkan village

  23. Copper domed church

  24. Canal Lock in Berkhamsted, shot for the front cover of a local magazine

  25. Oxthodox monastery at Veljusa

  26. A classic waterfall photograph