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Wedding StoryBooks (Coffee Table Albums)

The handmade wedding albums, storybook (coffee table) albums, flush mount and card paged albums I supply are truly individually custom handmade. There are simply so many options to personalise these albums. In my opinion, if you are having a beautiful unique wedding, then you need a beautiful, unique album.

Some examples are shown below, and see more covers here, and more page layouts here.

This example is one of the most popular options. A storybook or coffee table book, (same name to mean the same thing) fully bound in canvas.

The pages are stitched and glued together, interleaves are added if selected and the book then bound in a canvas print with a full bleed front cover, text on the spine and separate image on the rear cover. The canvas cover gives a wonderful texture.

canvas bound wedding albums

Running a very close second place to the canvas bound example above is the storybook album fully bound in photographic paper. Using a proper traditional chemical print, which is them laminated with crystal clear laminate, this option gives a much slicker modern feel, and is perhaps a touch more durable because of the lamination.

You can have total control on the design of the books, or simply let me use my judgement and experience.

custom wedding albums

A different and very classy choice is to have an acrylic front cover. This comprises of a 5mm piece of crystal clear acrylic with a photo mounted behind. It all sparkles lovely in the light!

Usually as in this example we combine it with a 3/4 bound cloth cover, with this example the couple supplied some of the fabric from the bridesmaids dresses, truly personalising the book.

acrylic wedding albums

Other binding choices include material and leather. In this instance the customer opted for a silver cloth and then to use a cut out window with a photo behind. Cut out windows can include photos, cards and even pressed buttonholes! and can also be combined with canvas or photo covers.

Books can also be personalised by adding matching ribbon from your wedding stitched in as bookmarks, and menus and orders of service etc. can even be properly bound into the books.


cloth wedding albums

Another style of book to go for is the 'post' type system, which can sometimes work out cheaper. I have had custom made posts fabricated which contain no screwheads for maximum sleekness and impact.

In the shown example here this book has been bound with an embossed handmade paper.

This particular example contained plain pages only and was used as a guest book. Pages can then later be removed and bound into a single album.

wedding album heart
Layout styles are practically unlimited and you can have anything from very formal to downright funky or artistic. You can also add text and logos such as family crests.

The other main choice you have is single or double sided, which I find with most customers is like the marmite situation, you simply love one or the other!

The example shown here is of course double sided.
printed custom albums