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Storybook Page Examples

With my handmade coffee table or storybook books, you can have practically any layout you want. Unlike many photographers and suppliers, I don't work from templates, or use specialist restrictive software that confines you to within certain constraints. Each album is individually laid out to your specification and drafts emailed to you for approval before being sent to print.

Below are just a few examples and ideas.

In this basic formal example, a single image has been used on a page and centralised. This particular couple wanted a very formally laid out book, largely with single photos to a page.

They also requested that a 1cm border be left around all the photos. Borders convey a very mixed reaction from my customers. Some see them as a practical idea as when turning the page you are less likely to touch the actual photo, but others see them as wasted space.

The image like all the examples on this page is slightly offset to allow for the binding and stitching of the actual spine of the book.

Wedding coffee table books

For this wedding the couple also requested a very formally laid out book, not only with 1cm borders around the edge, but also 1cm spacers between each photo.

However in contrast with these pages, this pair of newlyweds chose to have the pages with a single photo on bleeding right to the edge, which gave them a lot more impact.

It was a nice contemporary twist in an an otherwise very formal album.

wedding story books

This page belongs in the wedding storybook of a couple who were very particular about what they wanted., which is no bad thing at all. If you have an idea then I can put your vision together. Alternatively leave it up to me. Most couples at least have a rough idea of what they'd like, but I can work either way.

With this book, the newly married couple wanted to maximise the usage of the pages and elected to crop into all the photos, resize them and fit them together like a jigsaw. Everything bleeds of the side of the page, and thin 5mm spacers were used.

Only the space for the binding remains on the left hand side.

handmade wedding albums

This sample page shown from a couples wedding album of the brides arrival is very similar to the page above except that the images only bleed off the top and bottom of the page, and that they are less formally laid out with the vertical separator bar being offset.

With this album the pages were laid out informally, with each page being slightly different. In my personal opinion this kind of continuously different layout gives the book a much more modern finish and is more interesting to view.

This couple also elected to have a number of the photos in black and white and some with selective colouring, for example in black and white, but the confetti left in colour.

handmade photo albums

This cheeky photo of a couple on their wedding day, playing peek-a-boo and blowing a kiss was printed full size and with full bleed, meaning the image goes right to all 4 sides of the page, including disappearing under the binding.

Its a great look and gives real impact! especially when you consider that its being printed a generous 325 x 305mm or 12 x 13" !

This couple choose a nice big 60 page album in which to show all their beautiful photos.


Storybook albums
Another informal way of laying out photographs on the page is to have some of them on top of each other as can be seen in the example to the right.

This can work very nicely as in this example where the inset photos are almost detail versions of the main photo.

This was another informally laid out book, with the newlyweds giving me largely free rein on the layout, but they did request some specific edits to some of the photos.

wedding photography albums

This album for this couple was a good fun one, informally laid out with every page being different, and my main brief being to lay the photographs out however they fitted on the page the nicest.

Here as can be seen, several different techniques have been employed to fit 5 photos on the page.

This album looked great when combined with the handmade rose petal interleaves that this couple chose.

The example shown here shows 6 images on a page and is something I would recommend is used only sparsely in a large book. Quite honestly it can start to look cluttered and there is also the point that when you have such beautiful, high quality professional photos, why print them so small?

However saying that, including just a page or two of the candid shots from the reception works very nicely, as does this example showing the guests seated at the tables.

This particular book was a huge 120 page book, and a couple of pages like this inside worked very agreeably.

wedding albums
This Sikh couple also ordered a very large book from me, which was also informally laid out, but they also requested lots of very different layouts, employing lots of different techniques.

As in the page to the right you can see the top 3 images have all used selective colouring, so the whilst the couple is in colour, the backgrounds are in in black and white. The images are also overlaid and cascading. Finally the head of the Groom then laps over the middle image.

Other techniques employed include skewed images, lots of photos opaquely laid in the background and ripped and torn edges to photos.

Unique wedding albums
This simple example to right shows a title page. Couples often choose a title page when their albums are covered with fabric as there are of course no details printed on the front.

This pair of Hertfordshire based newlyweds chose a 'swoopy' font, with the font colour being sampled from the bridesmaids dresses.

Other couples have chosen for orders of service, menus and family crests to be bound into the books.

printed wedding albums