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The wedding of  Rory to Denise at Our Lady Queen of Apostles, Welwyn Garden City, followed by a reception at Panshangers Golf Course, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

I attended this wedding as the photographer at the architecturally very interesting Catholic church of 'Our Lady Queen of Apostles' I get to see the inside of a lot of churches as you can imagine, but this one is in a very different and intriguing style.

This was another great wedding, and the couple choose to split the formals to between the church and the reception, which was a good choice as its modest grounds held a lovely arbour.

Another lovely couple, who once again will be receiving lots of lovely wedding photographs.



The marriage of Enrique to Lyndsey at Camden Town Hall, with the reception at the City Tavern

This was another one of those weddings I love so much and is so much of a pleasure to photograph because of the characters there at the wedding. And that there was so much going on, that I have lots to photograph and memories to capture and record.

This wedding was very unusual in that there was no outside space to shoot the formals. We shot them all inside, but I guess thats central London for you!

This couple also opted to pay for the CD as a one off price.




The wedding of Stuart & Vikki at St Andrews, Borehamwood, followed by a reception at Maxwell Hall, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire

Another good fun, if very hectically scheduled wedding. I used to go to St Andrews as a little boy with my grandma, so it was an experience to go back there. I don't think it was any secret that the bride was pregnant on the day, and its just another memory to be captured. Just like all the wonderful characters at the wedding.

This couple paid for their handmade coffee table book in advance saving themselves 10% as do the advance payments of any books / albums / prints.



Gemma & Steves Wedding ceremony at the Ramada Jarvis, Redbourn, near Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

This was another nice wedding for me, not only as they were such a nice couple, but also that it was at a very local venue, that I have worked at 3 or 4 times before, the Ramada Jarvis in Redbourn.

This couple opted for a short duration of coverage of just two hours, but I still managed to capture lots of lovely shots for them. A mixture of formals and reportage.

We also had quite a few children at this wedding which always makes for good emotional photographs, and just in case anyone is wondering I am fully CRB checked to enhanced level!



The marriage of Vicky to Terry at St Nicholas Norton, Nr Letchworth, Hertfordshire, followed by a reception at The Letchworth Centre for Healthy living

This couple chose to start their coverage from the bridal prep, which is always a fun, if chaotic part of the day to photograph, and always results in so many endearing photographs. Vicky's day was no exception with loads of great photos of the bride, her bridesmaids and close family with her there as usual.

This was followed by a lovely church service and then onto the reception, where we shot most of the formals on this occasion. The bride also requested a number of different artistic photographs, which of course means lots more great photos for them to choose from.

A lovely couple and a great fun day!



Rachel & Alan's wedding at The Old Harrovian Room, Harrow School, Middx. Followed by a reception at Broadfields Country Club.

Once again I was asked to attend as photographer to a wedding at a lovely location, at the history steeped Harrovian room in the famous Harrow School, Harrow-on-the-hill. Like a number of my weddings this one came as a recommendation from a prior satisfied customer.

Harrow School presented lots of opportunities for fantastic backdrops to get lots of lovely photos for the couple, with the bride looking stunning as always. This was then followed on by a reception at Broadfields Country Club, another venue that I've already previously covered weddings at.

Another lovely day!



The Wedding of Kelly & Chris at The Ivory Rooms, Billericay, Essex

Another lovely wedding with the couple opting for a marriage service at the venue, but asking me to cover the bridal prep as well. This was another lovely wedding with the rain once threatening to bucket down, but just holding off enough to get all the formal photos done. The bride and groom had chosen lots of lovely embellishments to decorate the venue with, giving me lots of great opportunities to shoot extra angles and throw that splash of colour in, really making the photo.

Oh, and I loved their sweetie buffet! Just fantastic looking...



Sabrina & David at New Wesleyan Church, Birmingham. Reception at Chillington Hall, Brewood.

Some weddings are such a joy to photograph. There is simply so much go going on, so many moments that need to be frozen in time with a photograph, and just so many jolly colourful characters that can't help but make you smile, and that you just need to capture an image of. Sabrina & David's wedding was one of those. The stunning country house of Chillington Hall, near Birmingham, and its beautiful grounds, and all the smartly attired guests enjoying themselves.

As the wedding photographer I was booked for a long day on this one. But the of course the longer I am there and the more moments I see, and the more photographs I take and the more photographs the couple get to choose from!



Lisa & Keith's marriage at St Giles, Tottenhoe, followed by the Marle Inn, Great Linford, Milton Keynes.

Yet another beautiful wedding, this time at the lovely tiny(!)12th century church in Tottenhoe. The weather threatened to turn, but stayed remaining sunny. After the church the wedding party then moved to the Marle Inn in the lakes area of Northern Milton Keynes at Great Linford. As photographer I was asked to shoot some reportage as well as the usual formals. The small church made it a little tricky to photograph in. I don't like to get in peoples way. As important as the photography is, the day is about the couple and the celebration of the marriage. I believe the photographer should be subtle but still obtain the great shots the couple wants. Thankfully as usual I managed to do both!


The wedding of Natalie & Ian at St Michaels in Chenies, with the wedding reception at Batchworth Park Golf Club, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire

A truly delightful wedding, so well arranged and with so many nice elements, it was hard not to take a very large amount of photos. Starting with the bridal prep and capturing all the fun of the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready and taking advantage to take static shots of the dress, shoes, flowers, corsages and more, the bride then travelled in a stunning horse drawn carriage to St Michaels in Chenies.

A lovely wedding service conducted beautifully by a very jovial female vicar, was then followed up with the formal photographs requested by the couple.

Moving onto Batchworth Golf Club (where I am now a recommended photographer) the wedding party continued in full swing, and there was lots more opportunities for wonderful wedding photographs. Lots of reportage and more formals taken in the beautiful grounds. The weather was as glorious as could be, and as luck would have it, we were treated to a striking sunset that I just had to take advantage of.



EllieJayne & Leigh at Guildford Registry Office, Surrey

A smaller wedding for me in terms of the photography as I was asked to cover the registry service only, with this couple opting to take a CD only package as a set one off fee. Of course there was still plenty of opportunities to take loads of great photographs. Covering the registry service itself, the signing of the register afterwards, and then followed by the formals outside, along with some additional reportage photographs. With every wedding I always sit down with the couples and find out exactly what photos and formals they want. I can advise on what is traditional and what is normal, but at the end of the day I want to ensure the couples get the photos they want.




Vicki & Gary at St Aphages church, Burnt Oak, London

A lovely wedding with the photographic coverage requested by the couple to be at the church only, covering the ceremony, registry signing and the formals afterwards. This couple opting to buy prints from me to insert into their own album that they knew they were getting as a wedding present. All the prints I supply are printed at a traditional lab, producing high quality traditional chemical prints from my digital images. As well as gloss, I'm able to provide Lustre prints, which are a semi-gloss print and have a very traditional look. Unlike some photographers, I don't offer the lower quality inkjet prints. Quality to me is paramount from the images I take through to the end product such as prints, albums and coffee table books.



The marriage of Terry & Louise at Mordon Registry Office & the reception at the Holiday Inn

What made this wedding so delightful to photograph was the not only the couple but also the amount of children there. Children can be a real surge of energy at weddings and gives lots of photographic opportunities. And who doesn't want to have a record of their children and those in the family? When taking reportage shots I capture plenty of images the key people, but also try to get shots of as many different guests as possible. Reportage or the journalistic style of photography is very much in vogue at the moment, its capturing a moment of time. I can shoot in many different styles, with most couples opting for a mix of formals and reportage. I always like to see new and fun things at weddings, thing the couples choose to do themselves to personalise the day, and cutting the cake with a sword brought a smile to my face.



The Wedding of Ian & Gemma at St Albans Registry Office, Hertfordshire, followed by the Collingwood Suite

A nice small wedding that once again the British weather threatened to spoil, but just about managed to hold off for the formal photos. The registry service was held at St Albans, Hertfordshire, where I have shot a few times before, the reception then following onto The Collingwood Suite at Gosling Sports Park, where I am currently a recommended wedding photographer. This couple opted for lots of reportage photography, which is always helped by some comical camaraderie between family and friends that always means I can capture lots of lovely memories for the couple.



The marriage of Sharon & Daniels at Langton's House, Hornchurch, Essex

Sharon and Daniels wedding kicked of the start of my wedding season on a rather chilly February day, but despite everyone freezing and the bride insisting a number of the formals were taken inside because of the cold, it was a really fun day, and a lovely couple to work with.

Langton's house is a beautiful location, with lots of architectural details that form perfect backdrops, that and the lovely, if under used in February, grounds.

Sharon & Daniel are one of a few couples booked this year who are simply taking the DVD, put together with my attendance as a one off price.

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